Wilton Associates, is our specialist division dealing in all aspects of Commercial Security, including Risk Assessments, Investigations and in particular; Counter-Eavesdropping. (Technical Surveillance Counter-measures).

In the last 12 months we have deployed to all parts of Europe, the US and The Middle and Far East.


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweeps are technical and physical counter surveillance measures requiring highly sophisticated equipment for the detection and removal of concealed devices and bugs inside offices, vehicles, homes and telephones.


If you feel your movements are being monitored by surveillance bugs or your phone conversations are being recorded by people with malicious intentions, we can probide you with the reassurrance you require and will successfully eliminate the threat from infiltration by terrorists, criminals and dishonest employees.


We have made a major investment in the very latest digital and computer-based technology, capable of identifying and locating even the most sophisticated 'Bug' or listening device. This investment shows our commitment to providing our customers with the most efficient and effective Technical Surveillance Counter Measures service available.


The very nature of this type of service requires complete discretion, therefore we would prefer to dicuss your requirements with you on a one-to-one basis.

We would therefore invite you to contact our specialist, Tony CASELEY, in complete confidence on: 01306 632992                                        

or email him tonycaseley@wiltonassociates.com 


Tony has over 30 years experience in this highly specialist field, having deployed on behalf of many blue-chip companies and government agencies in the UK and abroad.


Visit the Wilton Associates website for more information: www.wiltonassociates.com



Please Note: We search for listening devices, we do NOT install them !

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