This award winning system allows us to access our customer's TEXECOM intruder alarm system remotely over the internet and complete diagnostic and programming changes, without having to attend the premises.

The system works by communicating with the customer's TEXECOM CONNECT 'Smartcom' communicator, connected to their alarm system. The same system that they use to receive 'Notifications' of any alarm activity on their smartphones whilst enabling them to 'ARM' and 'DISARM' their alarm from anywhere in the world.


The system is totally secure and uses the latest encryption technology which only permits us to access the system log, engineering functions and perform remote diagnostics. WE CANNOT 'ARM' or 'DISARM' THE SYSTEM


Remote Access

We frequenty receive requests from customers to alter system configurations, for example their exit/entry timers, or program a zone as 'Not Used' whilst they remove a sensor for redecoration reasons.  We can now access the programming of the customer's system and make those required changes, without the need and cost of attending their premises. If you have an issue and want to call out one of our engineers, they can now view your system before coming to you which could either negate the visit or save time troubleshooting when they arrive.  Either way this will see a saving to you as a customer.



Like smartphone manufacturers, Texecom are always improving and updating the operating software of their control panels. As updates are released they will be automatically downloaded to your system from the 'Cloud'.

When you are connected to the 'Cloud' our computers will also automatically connect to your system periodically (normally weekly) and complete a full diagnostic check of you system (Healthcheck).  This is done completely autonomously without any human interaction.

If this Healthcheck discovers an issue it will alert us allowing early intervention, it will even update the clock on your keypad automatically.


Preventative Maintenance (Remotely Monitored System)


If you have a remotely monitored alarm with Police response, BS9263:2016 now permits us to perform one of your two annual preventative maintenance inspections remotely, saving you money on your annual maintenance contract.



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